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MHU & Partner Resources

MHU & Partner Resources

The collaboration between My Horse University (MHU) and our partners results in comprehensive equestrian information to guide you on your way to being a more educated horse enthusiast. 

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Stephanie Valberg DVM PhD	Stringhalt and Shivers Explained

Speaker: Stephanie Valberg DVM PhD    

Date: March 21, 2017 | 7pm ET

Summary: Hind limb gait abnormalities such as stringhalt and shivers can be very frustrating hindlimb gait abnormalities in horses that impact the horse’s performance and the ability of farriers to trim hind feet. The two conditions are often confused and until recently there has been very little information available to horse owners about stringhalt and shivers. This seminar, rich with videos, will describe the symptoms of stringhalt, shivers and some other gait abnormalities, review the latest research into the cause of these diseases and outline what owners can do to help maintain horses with these conditions.

Shivers research was funded by the US Equestrian Foundation, The University of Minnesota Comparative Medicine Grant and the Mary Anne McPhail Equine Performance Center.

Speaker Bio: Stephanie Valberg is the Mary Anne McPhail Dressage Chair in Equine Sports Medicine at Michigan State University. She received her undergraduate degree and D.V.M. from the Ontario Veterinary College, completed a Ph.D. in equine exercise physiology at the Swedish University of Animal Science as well as a residency in internal medicine at the University of California – Davis. Previously, Dr. Valberg was a professor and Director of the University of Minnesota Equine Center in St. Paul MN.  She is a Board certified in large animal internal medicine and equine sports medicine and rehabilitation. Dr. Valberg’s research centers on neuromuscular diseases in horses with a special focus on genetic diseases of skeletal muscle and their nutritional management.

She was inducted into the equine research hall of fame in 2012 and has received numerous research awards including the Distinguished Women Scholar at the University of Minnesota, the EquiSci International Award and the Pfizer Awards for research excellence and has over 150 scientific publications.  Dr. Valberg’s recent research into shivers was recognized in 2016 with the CL Davis Foundation Journal Award by the Journal of Veterinary Pathology. Dr. Valberg is a frequent speaker at national and international veterinary, nutrition and genetic conferences.

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