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Horse Nutrition


Digestive Anatomy, Ingestive Behavior, Nutrients, Nutritional Assessment, Nutritional Requirements, Feedstuffs, Ration Evaluation and Formulation, Diseases, Management Strategies

Content Expert

Dr. Christine Skelly (Michigan State University)

The Horse Nutrition course is based on the knowledge of equine experts at Michigan State University. You will discover a wealth of resources for learning about the many factors that contribute to the proper diet of a horse. Knowledge of horse nutrition and feeding management practices is necessary for all horse owners. A proper diet can lead to a healthier and better performing horse.

Video Introduction

You will gain knowledge of the nutritional requirements of a horse based on its specific needs and learn to apply suitable feeding management practices.

Overview of Topics
You’ll learn about many aspects of horse nutrition, including anatomy, horse behavior, nutrients, nutritional requirements, feedstuffs, evaluating and balancing a ration, diseases affecting nutrition, and feeding management.

More specifically, you will learn about

  • The digestive anatomy of a horse and how it functions
  • Ingestive behaviors of a horse, including grazing, feed intake and herd interactions
  • How the major nutrients are digested, absorbed and used by equine
  • Evaluating the nutritional status of your horse
  • Nutritional requirements for broodmares, growing horses, equine athletes and geriatric horses
  • Feedstuffs, including forage, grains and supplements
  • How to develop and evaluate a feed ration 
  • How diseases can affect the nutritional requirements of a horse
  • Feeding management strategies

It will probably take you 10 to 12 hours to complete the course.

A recommended supplemental learning product is the book, Nutrient Requirements of Horses.

USDF Accreditation
Members of United States Dressage Federation can earn 2 credits through this course. Learn more!