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Preparing and Breeding Your Mare (en Español)

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Preparing and Breeding Your Mare is one of four online short courses in the Horse Breeding and Selection Series presented by My Horse University and Equus magazine. Each short course will take approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete. In addition to course material, you’ll have access to an informative webcast given by an expert.

Breeding mares and raising foals can be a rewarding experience, but horse owners should learn as much as possible before beginning a breeding program. The more you know about breeding, the better decisions you can make. If you are thinking about breeding a mare for the first time, prepare early. With proper nutrition and careful management, you can increase a mare's chances of conception.

Course Topics
You’ll learn the most important factors in breeding a mare. The course begins with basic information about the mare’s reproductive anatomy, and then explores the mare’s reproductive cycle, appropriate times to breed and breeding techniques. You’ll also learn about the nutritional requirements of a broodmare.

Through the course, you’ll have access to a recorded webcast featuring equine expert Dr. Kathy Anderson from the University of Nebraska. Dr. Anderson is the author of “Preparing and Breeding Your Mare,” in the January 2008 issue of Equus magazine.

USDF Accreditation
Members of United States Dressage Federation can earn .5 credits through this course. Learn more!