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Your Next Competition Horse

Your Next Competition Horse is one of four online short courses in the Horse Breeding and Selection Series presented by My Horse University and Practical Horseman magazine. Each short course will take about 1 to 2 hours to complete. In addition to course material, you’ll have access to an informative webcast given by an expert.

Many children dream of galloping across a field on their own horse. Some never grow out of this dream and, when the time is right, contemplate buying a horse. Unlike a shiny snowmobile or a boat, a horse requires a daily time commitment, regardless of weather or other activities. But the enjoyment of caring for and working with your own horse, establishing that unique relationship between horse and rider, can be one of the most rewarding endeavors you could undertake. When selecting a horse, you need to pay close attention to conformation — the way the body parts are put together. Conformation affects the performance of a horse, therefore it’s important to know the ideal conformation and faults to avoid.

Course Topics
This course covers the most important factors to consider before investing in a horse. You’ll learn how to match horse and rider, how to identify warning signs and the importance of prepurchase exams. A horse with certain conformation faults may be susceptible to arthritis, joint problems and lameness. In this course, you’ll learn the conformation of a horse, including balance, structure, muscling quality and travel. You’ll also discover criteria for breeding your next performance horse.

Through the course, you’ll have access to a recorded webcast featuring Dr. Mark Russell from Purdue University. He is the author of “Your Next Competition Horse,” published in the January 2008 issue of Practical Horseman magazine.

USDF Accreditation
Members of United States Dressage Federation can earn .5 credits through this course. Learn more!

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