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Richard Shrake



Richard Shrake Presents My Horse University:

Richard Shrake Training Tips:


Richard Shrake has been an icon as a professional in the horse industry for over 45 years. His lifetime goals have always been to create a balanced, common sense program based on knowledge and wisdom. With clinics and seminars, he teaches riders and their horses to realize their potential. Through his uncomplicated formula for success, the Resistance Free® Riding  techniques and programs, Richard has achieved this goal. Richard has taught and trained thousands, from beginners, to intermediates to professionals.

Richard Shrake's Credentials:

  • Creator of the Resistance Free® Training & Riding Methods
  • Judge of 16 World Championship Shows for 5 major breeds
  • Instructor of over 4000 clinics
  • Demonstrator at over 280 Horse Expos & Fairs
  • Author of three best-selling equine books
  • Lecturer at over 200 Universities & Colleges
  • Producer of 18 equine educational DVDs
  • Designer of saddles, bits and tack for major companies
  • Writer of Bridle Wise, his monthly syndicated column
  • Originator of Accredited Resistance Free® Trainer/Instructor Program
  • Owner of “Miss Resistance Free”, Breyer model horse for the new century
  • Board Member for 11 college and university equine programs
  • Winner of all-around horse rider and trainer at the Quarter Horse Congress
  • Sponsored by the top businesses in the industry
  • Inductee to the  2008 “Horse Expo Hall of Fame”

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Richard Shrake