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Dr. Molly McCue

Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine | Assistant Professor, Veterinary Population Medicine University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine


Dr. Molly McCue DVM, MS, PhD is an Assistant Professor in veterinary population medicine and a Morris Animal Foundation Fellow at UMEC. Molly McCue was three years old when she decided to be a veterinarian.

"It is one of my first memories, and I never changed my mind," said McCue, who was raised in a suburb of Kansas City, Kansas where she began riding horses as a small child. "As long as I can remember I have loved horses and wanted to ride," she said. "My parents took me to my first lesson at five, and I loved them from first the moment I was around them."

McCue took riding lessons through high school, rode hunter jumper and saddle seat and then got into western performance events. She bought her first horse - a quarter horse gelding named Doc's Triangle, a team penning and roping horse - the summer after high school.

True to her dreams, she graduated in 1998 from Kansas State University (KSU) with a B.S. degree in veterinary medicine and animal science and in 2000 received her DVM degree. She followed this in 2000-2001 with an internship at the University of Georgia, Athens and both a Master¿s degree and a residency (2001-2004) in equine internal medicine at KSU.

McCue came to the University of Minnesota to pursue her doctoral degree in comparative and molecular biosciences and became part of the UMEC team lead by Dr. Stephanie Valberg and Dr. Jim Mickelson that discovered the genetic basis of polysaccharide storage myopathy (PSSM) in horses.

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Dr. Molly McCue